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Aug 1, 2021

From the early years of the podcast and the hours of off-topic conversations, comes a special collection of our favorite bits from the original Extra Fun series!

From the original episodes in order of appearance :

00:00 : Moynahan v. Monaghan - Tom Brady’s ball scandal, and continually mixing up Bridget Moynahan and Michelle Monaghan - March 2015

10:56 : Pink Bloosh! - The origin of our affinity for André Blush and Pamela Anderson’s Icelandic strip club - August 2015

18:26 : The Legend of Vic Alfonso - Darren’s impending fatherhood, contemplating careers as vacuum salesmen, and the looming legacy of a Cadillac dealer - September 2015

31:50 : Kevin Bacon Cats - Kevin Bacon arrives with mac salad and a VHS copy of Tremors, Martin retells his favorite Scary Story to Tell in the Dark - November 2015

37:22 : Head Bumps - Martin hit Darren in the face with a Squash ball, and Martin recalls his dangerous Football injuries - January 2016

45:15 : All Eyes, No Ass - Darren introduces his son and talks about being a first time Dad - March 2016