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Jan 28, 2015

Where did we come from? ... Where are we going? ... Where are we?!!

The Fundamentals of GPS: How it really works, and how it changed our lives.

Jan 14, 2015

Sea Org. Gold Base. Overboarding. The Hole. Zombie Hubbard.

We go deeper and darker into The Fundamentals of Scientology.


Originally published January 2015. Remastered January 2020.

Jan 7, 2015

Debuting in 1982 to notably low ratings, Cheers ran for 11 seasons and became a classic of American television - spawning many pop culture references and a spin-off series that lasted another 11 seasons.

Where everybody knows your name ... NORM!!

The Fundamentals of 'Cheers'.


Originally published January 2015....