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Dec 14, 2023

Do you remember The Fundamentals podcast? Well, we’re back - New name, same great taste!

After 4 years we finally sit down to reboot the show, explain the rebranding, where we’ve been, and chat about many topics - aging politicians, aliens, the latest happenings in Scientology and Mormonism, mortality, legacy, the differences in podcasting since we started our show in 2014, as well as the future of it.

*Please Note* we recorded this episode at the end of September 2023, before many notable events transpired …

(0:00) Where Have We Been?

(3:37) Aging politicians 

(10:46) Winston Churchill 

(17:10) Political Tact & 2024

(24:47) Aliens?

(30:17) Remastering Old Episodes 

(32:22) The latest from Scientology 

(35:25) The latest from the LDS church 

(44:57) Aging, Mortality & Legacy

(56:09) Rewatching TV Shows

(58:03) The evolution of podcasting & the future of our show

(1:13:13) Conclusion


YouTube: @everywhereyougo


@2023 Everywhere You Go is Bullshit / The Fundamentals